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Vision and Values

Byggma ASA´s vision is to be one of the leading suppliers of building material solutions in the Nordic region. Our vision will be achieved through the following goals:
  1. The Group must achieve a turnover of at least MNOK 3,000
  2. The profit margin should be a minimum of 5%
  3. The Group`s activities must be based on sustainable products and efficient use of resources
  4. The Group  must be innovative and build strong brands
  5. We must achieve high customer satifaction
  6. The Group must create profitable and safe workplaces by focusing on HSE, employee development and wellbeing
  7. The Group must be an attractive investment

Innovation and technological development are an important part of the Group`s growth strategy, and there is a strong willingness to invest in the necessary equipment and expertise in order to be a leading player in the Nordic building materials market in the future.

In principle; Byggma will be allocating its investment to digitalisation and automation of production processes, as well as to the environment and sustainability.



Show interest, respect and understanding towards colleagues, customers and suppliers.
Open and direct communication that allows influence and participation that creates commitment.
Contribute to making the people around you even better than they are today.

Staying curious and searching for future alternatives and challenges.
Encourage the development and commercialization of good ideas across the organization.

Continuous focus on training and developing skills and expertise.
Act with integrity and stand firm for everything we say and do.
Show concern for the environment, health and sustainable development in the practice of our business.