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Byggma ASA is the owner of several well-known brands in the Nordic building industry
Logo Huntonit

Huntonit is the leading manufacturer of high quality pre-painted ceiling and wall panel. The panel are available in several styles and designs.

Logo Masonite

Masonite I-beams to use in ceiling, wall and floors. Ideal for use in wood-based building where the thickness of wall is from 200 mm upwards.

Logo Forestia

Forestia AS produce particleboards, boards and structural panels for buildings, interior ceiling- and wall panels. Wallpapered wall panel (Walls4You) and panel ready for Paint (Walls2Paint).

Logo Aneta Lighting AS

Aneta Lighting delivers a wide range of lighting products

Logo Uldal

Uldal AS is among the nation's leading manufacturers. We supply windows and doors for new buildings, extensions or rehabilitation.

Logo Smartpanel

Smartpanel is Norway's largest provider of MDF panel. As a result of this "Smartpanel" has become the generic term for MDF panel. Smartpanel develops, manufactures and distributes MDF panel for walls, ceilings, bathrooms and kitchens.