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Aneta Lighting delivers a wide range of lighting products

Aneta Lighting is a total supplier of lighting to the private and professional market, primarily in the Nordic region. Through a wide and attractive range, good service and competitive prices, we will contribute to satisfied customers. Aneta Lighting consists of Aneta Lighting AS in Kristiansand, Norway, and Aneta Lighting AB in Växjö, Sweden. The companies are part of the Norwegian Byggma ASA group. Aneta Lighting AS (formerly Scan Lamps AS) was established in 1983 and Aneta Lighting AB (formerly Aneta Belysning AB) was established in 1947. Over the years, the companies have been engaged in the production of decorative home lighting. and lampshades. Since the 1990s, production has been outsourced to partners in the East. Design and product development are still handled by our own organization in Norway and Sweden. Today, our product range is divided into two categories:


Aneta HOME
This is our range of decorative home lighting that is sold via a wide network of serious dealers in the Nordic region.
This is our range of professional functional lighting sold through electrical wholesalers in the Nordic region.

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